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Interviews – eCig Directory UK

Vapord’lites Interview

Vapord'lites Logo

The Owner – Robin When did you first buy your first E-cigarette? I bought my first E-cig in the Autumn  of 2012.  I was a 10-15 a day smoking for around 20 years.  I regularly tried to give up but … Read more

WhiteMist E Liquid Ltd Interview

WhiteMist E liquid Logo

The Owner – Riyaz Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with vaping I purchased my very first Ecig in 2009 when they were very basic as ego’s. It helped me hugely however I still had the temptation to smoke … Read more

eCIG Juiced Interview

eCIG Juiced Logo

The Owner – Stacey Tell us about yourself I am 31 years old Female and I have been vaping for about a years and running our new shop eCIG Juiced with my partner Mark in Gloucestershire for the last 3 months. … Read more