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We interviewed Wayne at The Vape Inn in Basingstoke to find out more about their family business and how they have succeeded in the market.

Tell us about yourself

I have been vaping for 7 years now after deciding enough was enough, Ecigarettes were not very popular back then and to be honest not really that great either! but I stuck with them as I realized they could only get better over time.

I’ve tried all sorts of batteries/tanks/liquids etc over the past 7 years, some have been great and a lot have been not so great but what i don’t like someone else will and vise-versa.

What is your favourite e-Liquid?

As for Eliquid flavours, I’ve nearly always been a tobacco kind of guy, I just find them a nice simple all day vape, “although I have recently been enjoying Murray Mints quite a bit”.

Have you helped others quit?

I’ve tried to convince as many people as possible to at least give vaping ago for a while and see how they get on and have had quite good success with family and friends who have completely switched now.

The Vape Inn Visitors

Tell us about your business

When did you open for business?

The Vape Inn opened its doors in November 2014.

After giving it plenty of thought, testing many many different flavours/kits etc we found some excellent quality products at really good prices which meant we were able to keep our prices as competitive as possible, this is something we are really keen on because so many companies are out just to make as much money as possible but for us there is more to it than that, we really enjoy meeting and talking to our customers (new & old) and want them to have a nice relaxed experience where they feel no pressure to buy anything.

Do you have much competition in your area?

We do have competition in Basingstoke but it really isn’t something we dwell on, a little competition is healthy and it keeps us on our toes.

The Vape Inn is a small family run business and that is the way it will stay as it enables us to add a personal touch.

We have a range of products and each sell very well depending on the customers needs, from starter kits to more advanced mods.

What do you offer different to your customers?

We focus on offering our customers the best quality products for the best possible prices, we spend a lot of time testing our products for quality before we accept them to go on sale.

If any of our customers would like to see us stock any items they like then we will do our up-most to source and stock them.

Home delivery in our local area is something we have considered from the very start and is still something we are considering.

We do offer “Try Before You Buy” on all of our Eliquids as there is nothing worse than buying Eliquid online or from a shop that you cant try, if you end-up not liking it, it is a complete waste of money.

We currently have about 80 different flavours ranging from tobacco to Blackjack to mango and strawberry milkshake there is something for everyone.


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