Cheap Wicks Interview

We interviewed Adam to find out more about Cheap Wicks.

How did you start vaping?

I purchased my first ecig about 5 years ago after smoking 20 a day for 15 years. After 2 weeks i was already feeling the benefits, no more tight chest, feeling a lot healthier.

What is your favourite flavour?

My favourite flavour is the kiwi mix from Hangsen, such a refreshing taste and never gets boring!

Do you use any forums?

I am actively involved in TheVapingForum, talking to other vapours is a great way to get new ideas and new ways to vape.

Have you helped others quit?

It was hard to quit at first as all my friends were heavy smokers but i managed to get them all using Ecigs and they have never looked back.

Tell us about your business

We started operating around 7 years ago, being the first people to bring Ecigs to the UK. We started with 1 shop in a little shopping precinct and a website, we now have various shops across the UK. In the areas we open shops we do our research to ensure the competition is low, however if that isn’t possible we ensure we only stock the best products at the best prices. We expanded into a website focusing on coils and wicks for all the bis brands. We found that a lot of people were buying coils more often than anything else so we set up a dedicated site to make it easy to purchase their wicks and coils.

What makes you different from your competitors?

We only sell genuine products from the biggest brands, dealing with the manufacturers directly to bring our customers the best prices around. Within our retail units we offer testers and on some occasions we allow customers to take products for a couple of days to test items before they decide to buy.

We have also recently started with personal home deliveries for customers who are in a rush and cant get to a shop or cant wait for their items to be going through the postal system! We also offer wholesale distribution and sales. We currently supply many independent stores with everything they need and the best prices around.

Tell us about your products

We offer around 75 flavours of liquid in 5 strengths. Ranging from tobacco to skittles and everywhere in between.

We only stock KangerTech, Ego, Aspire, Innokin and Ismoka, we also have guest brands every month.

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