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We interviewed James Barron at Evaporate Mods an online vaping store to find out more about their business and what they offer to their customers.

Tell me about yourself

Around 4 years ago I was a smoker. I enjoyed smoking; from the first cigarette when I got up, to the last before I slept. I also knew I had to stop. I had a young daughter and another blessing on the way. In my mind it simply wasn’t right to continue smoking. Having to thoroughly wash my hands and change clothes every time I had a cigarette was impractical to say the least.

I had tried various other means to quit smoking previously and failed badly. The ways in which I tried were not only unsuccessful but also came with a number of side effects; rashes, uncomfortable nights of cold sweats and bad dreams; and one time I experienced an episode that I could only liken to a heart attack – as a result of smoking a cigarette while unwittingly wearing a patch. This last extreme example was of course my own fault as I had not used the patch as intended owing to a slip of the mind. They definitely work for some people who have the power of will to use them correctly – a family member successfully gave up smoking by using such products.

I heard about electronic cigarettes, I forget how, possibly through word of mouth and looked a company up on the internet. It was a cigalike product that was popular at the time. I purchased and waited for the kit to arrive with an open mind. I liked the flavour and enjoyed it to an extent but it wasn’t quite enough to sway me. Plus, the running cost was too high for me to continue using it as the only products that worked with it were those made by the same company.

I used the cigalike sparingly in an attempt to cut down my habit, and after a few months, I read about a piece of kit on a football forum I use regularly. I was intrigued by what was said and looked at the kit available that was recommended. It looked large and ugly, nothing like the ecigs I had previously seen with flashing lights etc. The person was confident about the product and sent me a link to a place in China that sold them cheaply. I decided to give it a go. A mod, a tank and a set of cheap eliquids were on their way with high nicotine content.

About a month later the kit arrived and I was very happy with the difference in vapour produced. It was a definite upgrade on the cigalike and whilst the flavours were not that pleasant, I kept it with me at all times and was able to quit smoking by vaping. The high nicotine content (26mg) I was vaping pretty much quenched the drastic need for what a cigarette gave. The only habit to get away from was the habit itself. The first thing to do in the morning, the last thing to do at night, the thing you did whilst waiting for the bus and so on.

I still vape to this day and I owe my change in lifestyle to vaping and Electronic Cigarettes.

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Tell us about Evaporate Mods

We are Evaporate Mods and our passion is vaping and helping those who enjoy it also. Our inspiration not only comes from the exciting new products arising from a lightning quick industry, but also from the excellent service that we provide to our customers. Nothing is more satisfying to us than having you describe to us how you may have enjoyed a product, thanking us for the service provided, or for the exchange of conversations enjoyed. EBay selling was our beginning where we received 100% feedback and a number of loyal customers to whom we are extremely grateful. For anyone who has ever shopped with us, your custom is truly appreciated.

My retail experience has helped in the business thus far but more importantly defined my customer service ideology. We believe that our products, prices and service are absolute key to our success. No hard sell’s will be found here. An enjoyable experience motivate us, in the hope that you will continue to choose Evaporate Mods.

Our group consists of: myself (James Barron); my darling partner and two precious girls who have been encouraging and forgiving to the extreme, putting up with all the late nights and constant trips to Royal Mail; the girls Grandmother and carer, who again has been very helpful in respect to accommodating the Logistics required to nurture the new company; and of course the final part of our group is our customers, those who have joined us thus far, and those we are yet to meet. I hope I have been able convey how much I appreciate you all as you are the real reason Evaporate Mods exists.

We are exclusively online which helps us focus primarily on the growth of our website store and on providing you with the best service and help should you need it. You can contact James (owner) at any point by emailing support@evaporatemods.co.uk with any suggestions, feedback or just for a chat. We would love to hear from you.

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What does Evaporate Mods offer differently to your competitors?

We believe the customer to be the forefront of our business, so far the most enjoyable part of our job has been from gaining loyal custom that appreciate the service we provide. I always believed in being of the mindset of how I would like to be treated as a customer, these things include timely correspondence, shipping item as soon as possible, being treat with respect and the occasional freebie always was welcome.

We offer free delivery when ordering a certain value, we also have a free option if ordered within a certain mile radius of Partridge Green, Horsham. We like to be able to set a pick up point best for both parties but has also seen me many times delivering the item out of hours to doorstep.

Our stock is of the upmost quality, featuring well known brands but also some hidden gems, being a keen vaper myself I like to think I know a good item and keep upto date with the fast paced items being created all of the time. Eliquid is provided in many varities meaning there is almost always something for everyone to enjoy.

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