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We interviewed Katie at E-LUXE London to find out more about their business and what they offer differently to their competitors.

Why did you start the business?

I have started E-LUXE London out of a desire to introduce something truly extraordinary. Having tried a plethora of e-liquids, I kept on hitting the wall with the run-of-the-mill flavour. I therefore decided to produce e-liquid flavours that are not available on the market.

Tell us about E-LUXE

E-LUXE London was inspired by a desire to introduce distinct and delightfully eccentric English e-liquid collection that are reflective of our English heritage and high quality standards. All our e-juice for vaping devices is hand crafted in our friendly laboratory in the sunny English countryside.

Our greatest achievement so far is our recent launch after almost one year and the introduction of a truly unique collection of English e-liquid, which is becoming extremely popular across the vaping world. To learn more about us, please visit our website at www.e-luxe.london

E-luxe London Eliquids

What do you offer to your customers?

Our brand philosophy is based on the idiomatic expression “to want a moon on the stick”, which is reflected in our logo (the dot symbolises the moon). More practically, our philosophy also sets our benchmark of high quality, which is reflected throughout our business model- from excellent customer service to the high quality e-juice.

All our eliquid flavours were designed by our inhouse fashion designers and flavour mixologists in order to produce flavours that are closely associated with the English way of life and its fascinating roots. For example, “Muhallabia” is our mellow rose flavour which reflects our beautiful gardens and the battle of the Roses between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in 1485. The War of the roses is based on the badges used by the two sides, the red rose for the Lancastrians and the white rose for the Yorkists. In this respect, “Muhallabia” incorporates this idea through a fragrant but creamy rose flavour. “Cucumber Fizz” flavour reflects the English literary achievements and its relaxed way of life and almost immediately paints the picture of the English gentry enjoying a glass of refreshing cucumber lemonade. Our “French Plum” flavour reflects our rich history and tradition, especially in the field of legislature and culture. This immediately brings English classics to mind such as Mary Poppins, Carry on Films, the Christmas Carol and many more. “Damson Royale” was designed with the view of representing the noble English monarchy. “Chelsea Square” represents our diverse and aspirational community as suggested by the indulgent chocolate flavour rounded off with freshly baked biscuits.

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