Cloudz Vapour Interview

We caught up with Shiv from Cloudz Vapour to see how they have developed their business and what makes them different from other suppliers.

“Started with an ego & now we are here”

How did it all start?

We all started with vaping in similar circumstances – put an end to the smokes. Initially the first generation products didn’t quite cut it & the e-liquid available just wasn’t right. On a work visit to the USA I realised the potential of the products with the use of quality eliquid & vape set up. This in essence is how the company formed & how we were the first to bring Cosmic Fog, Suicide Bunny, Th3riac, Ruthless, Boosted & Ragna Roc to the UK back in late 2013. They key for us has been to educate UK vapers on the use & difference of quality e-liquid. In an industry as fast moving as this it was a case of people simply didn’t know these eliquid existed.

Have you helped many quite smoking?

As a team we have most definitely helped over 400 smokers quit the analogues & move to vaping. We have always advised people to buy a good quality unit/tank from day one alongside the right nicotine eliquid.

What is your favourite brand of e-Liquid?

Has to be Boosted’s Wastegate & Anti-Lag.

Tell us a bit about your company

The business started operating late 2014 with a very specific line up of e-liquids & vape units/accessories. We are an online company with our sister company being based in Richmond, Virginia USA. The company has grown since with the help of hand picked quality USA eliquids complimented with our customer service & interaction. I don’t think Cloudz Vapour can ever be accused of bringing any & every USA branded eliquid to UK.  With the help of our two USA stores we distinguish between a seriously good eliquid & a bottle with fancy branding.

Cloudz Vapour e-liquids 2

Do you find social media helpful in promoting your products?

Our social media & interaction with customers has enabled us to gain insight into what people look for & we maintain premium through out the company from the product to packaging. Social media has been an incredible platform to interact with customers & really makes us proud to be part of a unique community.

What are your future plans?

We are now a strong Cloudz Vapour Team with a long term view to continue to bring the best of USA. Our sister company constantly hold tastings every weekend (videos on website). We bring the top cut of those tastings to UK Vapers. Our best selling products vary as we bring a distinct selection to UK but Boosted’s Wastegate is most definitely a UK favourite! All our products are imported with the correct duty,VAT & levy paid as well all labelled to UK regulations (even if that means adding labels to 3000 bottles!) We are proud to be the UK distributers for Boosted, Ragna-Rok, Tally Ho Vapour Tonic & Cloudz Vapor.

Did you attend Vape Jam UK?

Indeed we did & it was incredible. The ability to meet our social media followers & customers was such a buzz to our team. We put our personal touch on our stand & hand built our counters. Everyone loved the reptile print leather & lit up bottles! Our Cloudz Vapour competition eliquid was launched at VapeJam & we completely sold out! Its a true 96%VG mixed berry competition juice purely for dripping only (no tank can take it!). We have yet to find another eliquid that competes against ours. We had the Competition Juice on the Hammer Of God mod which holds 4 x 18650 batteries!

Cloudz Vapour e-liquids

What makes you different to other vape suppliers?

We do not bring in any old e-liquid. We bring liquids that UK Vapers want & will enjoy.All the brands of units/tanks we stock are branded & well known – we don’t try to introduce customers to something we have not thoroughly tested ourselves. We have 14 ranges of Premium USA eliquid with the 15th soon to arrive – Suicide Bunny’s Cloud Company. Our aim is to never confuse our customers “keep it simple” & so we always avoid conflicting flavours within brands which is why some well known brands we don’t stock as the flavour profiles are similar to eliquids we currently sell. We created a brilliant “JUICE MENU” which has all the primary flavours of every brand – no pictures, just text & therefore is super easy to find what your looking for. We keep our pricing competitive & we ensure all customers are always ecstatic when that Cloudz Vapour #VapeMail comes through the door. 95% of all shipments are shipped by midday & we have even dropped two packages to personal residence when they were out of juice on a Friday (we can’t be having that).

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