eCIG Juiced Interview

The Owner – Stacey

Tell us about yourself

I am 31 years old Female and I have been vaping for about a years and running our new shop eCIG Juiced with my partner Mark in Gloucestershire for the last 3 months.

How did you start vaping?

I am absolutely passionate about the method as an aid to switching from tobacco and have benefited greatly myself from doing so. I smoked since I was 18 and tried many other methods of quitting with no success. As a horse rider my health and fitness have improved dramatically since along with my bank balance. My partner Mark had a stroke a few years ago and has also been a huge motivation for starting the business, we are total converts and are very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

Ecig juiced Ltd Shop View Outside

The Company – eCIG Juiced Ltd

When did you setup your shop?

We started Ecigjuiced Ltd online nearly 2 years ago and have opened our first uk shop this year due to a gap in the market for people being able to try the juices and see/try the bits of equipment which they can’t do online, so far we are thrilled with the response and have big plans for expansion.

What inspired you to start a business in the e-cigarette industry?

As mentioned Marks illness was our major inspiration to start as he had to find a way of giving up tobacco and whilst ecigs were available he felt it could be complicated (geeky) and daunting for the new entrant to the market so we are working hard to simplify things for the newbie.

What have been you biggest challenges?

Our greatest challenge is marketing ourselves effectively and building our brand.

Do you make your own e-Liquid?

We have a range of own branded juices made here in the UK which have been really popular and create a lot of repeat business.  We currently offer nearly 100 different flavours ranging in mg strengths, 10ml, 20ml, premium and economy ranges to suit many tastes, with a few weird ones thrown in for the adventurous.

What is the competition like?

Competition is high now as the market goes from strength to strength but I feel our proposition of keeping it simple & offering good quality is a real strength. Our shop is also set up quite differently to many vape shops.

What do you offer to your customers?

Quality is essential and as product is mostly coming from China, we have worked very hard at finding good manufactures and staying away from counterfeit, we are authorised Innokin distributors and have super relationships with other reputable names like Smiss and Kangertech.

As mentioned our new shop is set up for sampling (we also have hygiene methods in place) we have a new click and collect service online and offer free delivery on a lot of our items. We think our pricing is very fair and good value, some stuff on the market today is hugely inflated and terrible value which is unfair on new nieve customers, this is why we feel our repeat business is so high as we build trust.

What do you offer differently to your competitors?

We are offering products that are newish on the market and not seen in our area so far that are selling very well and we have our hands on samples of a new products as of today unlaunched, so are always looking for innovation to offer our customers.

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