Vapord’lites Interview

The Owner – Robin

When did you first buy your first E-cigarette?

I bought my first E-cig in the Autumn  of 2012.  I was a 10-15 a day smoking for around 20 years.  I regularly tried to give up but found I kept  returning to the dreaded cigs.  When I discovered vaping it was a god send.  The very next day after purchasing my e-cig I stopped and haven’t looked back since.

What is your favourite e –liquid?

We use Hangsen fluid as it was one of the first producers of e-liquid.  I feel they “know their stuff”.  Hangsen has a world wide reputation as a good producer and is the leading brand.

I quiet like gingerbread flavour and some fruit flavours but try to avoid the mints and menthols as they are not to my taste.

Vapord'lites Shop View

The Company – Vapord’lites

Tell me more about the business

We are a family run business on the High Street of Scunthorpe.  We like to pride ourselves on giving a good quality of service along with suppling some of the brands of electronic cigarettes and accessories.

How are you different from your competitors?

We are a family run business.  We are not part of a franchise . Which means we are not restrited  on the brands and products that we sell.  We spend time in our researching of products and seek the best genuine  products on the market, selling them at a competitive price.   At vapord’lites we offer a no quibble guarantee of 30 days on our products along with a further 60 days from the manufacturer.  We like to think that the service we offer is one where the customers needs and wants comes first.  We offer imformative advice and guidance to those that are considering taking up the electronic cigaette as an alternative to smoking for the first time, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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