WhiteMist E Liquid Ltd Interview

The Owner – Riyaz

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with vaping

I purchased my very first Ecig in 2009 when they were very basic as ego’s. It helped me hugely however I still had the temptation to smoke in social situations. Consequently for two years I was going back and forth to conventional cigarettes. This frustrated me in the sense I felt helpless that the solution to a better future was there staring at me, however I was unable to fully take it on board.

We are now fortunate to have many greater quality and more powerful ecigs and juices but even at that stage I conquered this dilemma by telling myself ‘if I can not control my mind internally then how will I conquer challenges externally in this huge world’ Will I stop taking into my body these toxins that will destroy my body, or will I go against this program set out in retailers catering for people like us. I woke up one day bought enough ecig supplies and started the timer on the NHS app.

I have never looked back, I was a smoker of twelve years and frankly without ecigs I would still have been. My all day vape has to be minty juices, they always remain fresh tasting and provide a strong sensation to forever keep off our bad habits. I have influenced Everyone in my life that smokes, I have done my utmost to provide inspiration. I have converted a lot of smokers. I have provided motivation when it becomes due.

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The Company – WhiteMist E liquid Ltd

When did you setup your business?

WhiteMist E Liquid is a new business, we were established since October 2014. After tasting different quality liquids we felt there was much room for improvement, we aimed to meet demand and did this by using existing manufacturers around UK and Europe and gave them our requirements for mixes to produce WhiteMist liquid.

We started selling on Ebay and were taken back by the increase in interest so decided to setup a website where we can expand our range to provide a one stop shop to all our customers.

We also provide retailers in which our products serve a number of retail shops in East London. However this will increase geographically in the coming months to make the smoking conversion simple and readily available.

How are you different from your competitors?

Our aim is to go the extra mile always. We attend to every order placed and ship on the same day to reach them the next, to which our customers highly appreciate. We try our best to provide the best prices possible in comparison to the market.

How many flavours and brands do you stock?

We offer 23 lovely tasting flavours in which our blue label bottles consist of needle top bottles to help those wanting convenience using their RDA’s. All our top brands are 100% authentic with scratch codes for customer satisfaction.  Our website constantly provides discounts, such as 10% off if our Facebook page is liked or free delivery.

WhiteMist Eliquid Products

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