Elliott Vapes Interview

We interviewed Wayne Elliott at Elliott Vapes in Bromley to find out more about their business and what they offer to customers.

Tell us more about yourself

After years of trying and failing to give up smoking using the usual Nicotine Replacement Therapy. I got myself a cheap starter kit and over a year later I’m still off the cigarettes.

Have you helped others give up smoking?

My cousin Craig got into a vaping after I upgraded and gave him my old ‘Ego’ battery. Having worked together for years in the fire brigade we decided to start Elliott Vapes.

Tell us about your shop

Elliott Vapes is a vape shop in West Wickham, Bromley owned and run by vapers. We stock a wide range of vaping equipment to suit everyone from those looking for their first starter kit, to more experienced vapers, we are friendly and knowledgeable and if you need anything from coils and a bottle of juice to advice on getting a new mod, pop in and see us.

Elliott Vapes Inside 2

How are you different from other vape shops in your area?

We are passionate about all aspects of vaping and have created a comfortable environment where by people can come in and have a chat and sample our E-liquids over a come of coffee (Tea).

As vapers we try out all the liquids that we sell, doing this allows us to focus on selling and recommending what we regard as the best quality e-liquids, we have created a welcoming environment which we feel is unique helping new and experienced vapers in testing out new liquids which they would not normally try.

Elliott Vapes Inside

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