Choosing your E-Liquid Guide

This choosing your e-Liquid guide is to help you when you walk into a vape shop for the first time and see 100’s of different types of e-Liquid.

Check our previous article for tips on choosing a vape shop. Many vape shops offer try before you buy to see if you like the flavours.

The big question is what e-Liquid should you choose and how do you decide?

Most good quality vape shops will run you through the basics, let you try before you buy and be honest with you but this guide and video will help you make the right decision and give you the confidence in purchasing your first e-Liquid.

Be sure to check our previous articles choosing your nicotine strength in e-Liquid which explains in detail how to get this right. Get it wrong and vaping might be ineffective for you and you will still have cravings to smoke.

There is vast range of flavourings and expect anything from sweet, fruit, pastry, tobacco, menthol and much more. Flavourings will also vary depending on the VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength and source of the flavouring so you might want to try the same flavour but from different brands.

If you want large clouds of vapour then consider going for a higher VG mix of e-Liquid sometimes known as cloud chasers but if you want the throat hit and stronger flavouring then consider a higher PG mix.

You can pay anything from £1 for a bottle of e-Liquid up to £20 for a bottle of gourmet e-Liquid. The average price for a standard 10ml bottle of e-Liquid will set you back around £3-4 and this will be sufficient to get you started.

If you are puzzled by sub-ohm vaping then check our previous article on the advantages of sub-ohm vaping.

Goodluck on your journey in finding your perfect e-Liquid.