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Tips on choosing a vape shop – eCig Directory UK

Tips on choosing a vape shop

This guide can be reproduced to put in your shop to make those new to vaping aware of what they should look for when choosing a vape for the first time.

Does your shop cover all the following bullet points? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point) compared to your competitors?

What should you look for when buying your vaping equipment for the first time?

Here are some questions and suggestions on choosing a vape shop:

  • Do they offer quality products? Look for brands such as Eleaf, Aspire and Innokin
  • Most quality retailers will have branded e-Liquids and Vape Equipment
  • Check out reviews around the net or ask friends if they have used them? Be careful of fake reviews, shops can easily buy reviews to make them look the best.
  • Do the shop owners vape themselves and do they sound knowledgeable? Write a few questions before visiting the shop and put them to the test!
  • Will they let you test their e-Liquid first before purchasing? This should always be on offer otherwise they might be hiding the quality of their e-Liquids.
  • How long have they been operating? Are they a registered company?
  • Check their Facebook and Twitter page to get an idea to see their popularity? Be careful some vape shops will buy followers and likes to make themselves look bigger than competitors. Check to see how engaged their posts are on social media.
  • Do they respond to their customers on Facebook? Check their response rate on their page.
  • Do their products meet quality standards? Are they TPD compliant?
  • Do they offer competitive pricing compared to other shops in the local area? Online shops will generally be cheaper than the high street.
  • Do not always compare pricing to online stores as they do have overheads?
  • Be careful of excessive pricing, maybe compare a few shops before you purchase
  • Do they offer a loyalty scheme?
  • Do they have a website and is it up to date? Is there website secure (look for a lock icon in your browser address bar).
  • Check for authenticity of products, some offer a label that you check on the manufacturer website

We hope this gives you some questions to consider before choosing a vape shop.