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Advantages of Sub-Ohm Vaping

I switched to a sub-ohm tank recently and would really recommend it to anyone!If you have been using a standard eGo battery and CE4 style clearomizer then here are some reasons why you should consider switching to sub-ohm vaping.

What is sub-ohm vaping?

Basically it means that your atomiser coils in your tank have a resistance rating of less than 1 ohm hence the name “sub-ohm”.

Many of the coil heads in current sub-ohm tanks come with a 0.5 head (as pictured below) these include the iSub G and SubTank range from Innokin and Aspire Atlantis tank. As you will the Kangertech coil below has a rating of 15W-30W.

Sub ohm Coil Heads SubTank and iSub G

Some of the advantages to sub-ohm vaping

Lower Nicotine Levels

When I first got my sub-ohm tank I was using a 18mg e-liquid and did not realise how much nicotine hit you get from these type of tanks running at a higher wattage/voltage. You will find it much easier to keep dropping down your nicotine levels with a more sub ohm tank.

Save Money in the Long-term

You could actually save costs in the long-term by either diluting your e-liquid with PG or VG but you may lose some flavouring.  The best option is if you make your own e-liquid then you can at least half it to start with. If you make your own e-Liquid then you can use less flavouring as well!

Better Taste

Some of your e-liquids will seem completely different and you really be able to taste the tones and flavouring.  I was amazed at how much difference there was compared my old CE4 clearomizers.

Huge Clouds

Maybe a novelty for some but for those that like to do cloud chasing, vape tricks or want to impress their friends then it will be worth a purchase!  Be warned sub-ohming in the street will make you look like a huge cloud of smoke!

Higher Wattage

You will need a higher wattage device to Sub-Ohm vape but this does mean you will get a warmer vape and much more flavour from your e-liquid.

100% VG (Vegetable Glycerin)

Yes switching to a Sub-Ohm tank will ensure your thick 100% VG juice actually vapes properly and this means bigger clouds and less dehydration or dry throat problems which some people have from vaping PG (Propylene Gycol).  Using a high VG ratio is essential for those huge clouds!

What equipment you need for Sub-Ohm vaping

  • Tank – So if you are looking at purchasing a sub-ohm tank then take a look at the Aspire Atlantis or the Kangertech SubTank range.  These usually come with a 0.5 ohm coil.
  • Battery -You will need a higher wattage battery or MOD to put your sub-ohm tank so look for something above 20-30 watt.  Some of these include the Eleaf 30W or the Innokin MVP3.

The downsides

You will use your battery and e-liquid much quicker so be warned!

If you do not understand ohms and vaping then check our previous article for more information on understanding them.