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Choosing Nicotine Strength e-Liquid – eCig Directory UK

Choosing Nicotine Strength e-Liquid

When you first start vaping then choosing nicotine strength e-Liquid is probably the most important part but there are some other factors to consider.

Warning: If don’t get the suitable strength then you will not meet your nicotine cravings therefore will probably find vaping not very effective.

There are 3 factors that will vary the amount of nicotine that gets into your system:

Factor 1 – Nicotine strength in your e-Liquid

0mg (0%)

If you want to get rid of nicotine out of your system completely and remove the addiction then many suppliers offer “Nicotine Free” e-Liquid.  This is great if you want to enjoy the flavours while vaping but want to rid your cravings for nicotine.  You will find it hard to do this if you have been a regular heavy smoker of traditional cigarettes, it is the same as going cold turkey!

8mg (0.8%)

This strength is popular for those who are an occasional or social smoker.  This strength and lower is also popular amongst those using higher efficient devices such as a MODs and higher wattage batteries that deliver nicotine much more effectively.

12mg (1.2%)

In between the regular smoker and occasional smoker this might just hit the right spot for those who are not smoking every hour every day.  This is also a good step down from 18mg if you want to start cutting down your nicotine level.

18mg (1.8%)

This is the most popular choice for those starting out vaping who have been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  If you find this too strong then do try going down to 12mg.  I personally tried this using an Innokin MVP 3.0 with a Subtank and found it way too strong but this strength was ideal with a iClear 16 and eGo Battery so be warned.

24mg (2.4%)

This strength is popular amongst the more regular smokers that smoke 20 or more a day and like a strong hit of nicotine.  If 18mg isn’t do it for you then give this a try.

36mg (3.6%)

Not every store tends to sell this strength but if you were a chain smoker then this might be your best option if 24mg is not filling your craving.

Factor 2 – The type of device you are using

The type of device and the type of tank/clearomiser you are using will also vary the amount of nicotine that get into your system.

An eGo style battery and standard clearomiser will be much less effective than a higher wattage device with a Sub Ohm tank for instance.  So you can rather compensate this by using a higher strength e-Liquid or upgrade your kit.  I would personally spend some money and get a decent battery and head but depends on your budget.

Factor 3 – Using your vape device properly

Vaping does differ from using traditional cigarettes and for some people it take a while to get used to the switch.  Holding your vapour inside your mouth is required to ensure the nicotine is absorbed into your membranes inside the mouth and nose.  Unfortunately vaping doesn’t hit you as quick as smoking a traditional cigarette where you would take it straight into your lungs and then absorbs into your bloodstream.

Filling the craving and throat hit

As I stated earlier it is really important to get your nicotine level right for you and ensure you don’t crave a cigarette to fulfil your cravings.  The higher the nicotine strength will also increase the throat hit as well which for most ex-smokers will be important when inhaling their vape.

Dont give up! I hope you find this article useful and don’t give up on vaping it may take a couple of times of trying different e-Liquid strengths or even spending a bit of money on a decent battery and tank to get the result.  If you want to quit nicotine completely then consider reducing gradually in the steps shown above with the nicotine strengths.