Avoiding Dry Hits

Don’t you just hate it when you get a dry hit from your vape then here are some tips.

What is dry hit?

This is usually when your wicks inside your clearomizer are not moist with e-Liquid and therefore will cause quite possibly one of the most disgusting tastes in your mouth and make you cough badly!

Tips on avoiding dry hits!

  • Keep the wattage/voltage down on your device if it has variable settings
  • Tip your clearomizer upside down to ensure the e-liquid spread over the wicks (if on the top)
  • Be patient when taking a second hit from your vape and allow the e-liquid to absorb especially if it thicker juice with more VG
  • When refilling then wait at least a few minutes before taking a hit on your vape
  • Upgrade your clearomizer if you experiencing this on a regular basis as you might have a cheap one
  • Using a bottom coil clearomizer will reduce the chance of dry hits

We hope these tips will avoid you having dry hits in the future.

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