Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Review

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Review by eCig Directory UK.

Hope you enjoy reading it.  Does it deliver? In a short answer YES! I love it!

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What’s in the box

A few changes here on the Innokin MVP3…. there is no beauty ring this time round which is replaced with a 510 connector for compatibility with Clearomizers such as the iClear 16 and other 510 heads.

There is no USB multi cable (4 way) to charge it and external devices but there is charging cable (USB to mini USB)

They have included two stickers, a manual and it still remains in a slightly bigger plastic box.


Once again Innokin delivers a solid metal block that looks stylish, sleek and modern tech. It is not that much bigger than the MVP2.0 considering the increase in battery size although it is slightly heavier.  The display always shows when you press the fire/power button.

The blue version which I am reviewing has a shiny metallic finish with groove holes on both sides.


Innokin has made quite a few changes including a new OLED display that is much clearer, detailed and brighter.  The display shows the Ohm measurement, VV/VW mode/rating and a new detailed battery indicator.  There is also a battery light on the top of the device which changes from Green/Orange/Red.

The USB output port still remains in the same place to charge your phone and other devices but the USB on/off switch has been removed.  They have included a small cable within the unit that connects to the MVP 3.0 and your external device which will only work providing you have a micro USB connector on the device you want to charge.

The Innokin MVP3.0 now has a flush 510 connection with a spring-loaded positive pin with durable stainless steel threading ideal for Clearomizers like the Kanger SubTank range.

The charging connector now can be found on the side of the device so you can stand it up while charging.


They have now upgraded the battery to a whopping 3800mah which is 1200mah more than the MVP 2.0.  You will need this kind of capacity when vaping at a higher wattage/voltage to ensure it lasts for a couple of days.  If you intend on using this with a low-wattage clearomizer then I am sure it would last at least 4 days.

The battery contains all the usually safety protection features like the old version included over charging protection, low voltage warning and short circuit potection.

You cannot replace the battery though with the 18650 type for instance, unlike similar MODs around this price range but there is still the “Vape whilst you charge” feature included.

If you are travelling then you can always purchase a large capacity portable battery pack from eBay to charge it.

Update: I have been using this for around 48 hours at around 18 volts with regular use and the batter finally started to show red.


Here is the technical spec which is a massive improvement on the previous version and even on the Innokin MVP 20 watt.

  • Variable voltage range is now 3.0 – 9.0 volts – adjustable in 0.1 volt increments (MVP 2.0 is 3.3 – 5.0)
  • Variable wattage range of 6.0 – 30.0 Watts – adjustable in 0.5 watts increments (MVP 2.0 is 6.0 – 11.00)
  • Can fire down to 0.4ohm resistance
  • Support for sub-ohm tanks

You have to hold the + or – buttons down to adjust the range and to change the VV/VW mode you hold down the + or – and power for a couple of seconds to switch between modes.  It also remembers these settings when you turn it off and on.

The fire/power button is now on the side and I find this comfortable using my thumb to blast away vaping and it feels this would not break easily either.

Clearomizer Test

There is no clearomizer included in the box but here is what I tried……..

I did try my iClear 16 head on this device and it delivers vape almost the same as the MVP 2.0 and increasing the voltage/wattage caused them to dry burn obviously, you will be disappointed using this type of head except for the advantage of battery life and look.

It seemed silly to get this new device and use my old heads so I decided to purchase a Kanger SubTank Mini as it seem a good match based on the specs.

This is where the device really shines with the high wattage/voltage features.  It literally fire away with power, flavour and vapour production and does not even compare to the MVP 2.0 with an iClear 16.  It is very easy to fill your lungs with the vapour and feel pleasant without having to drag hard on the drip tip.  I cannot recommend this anymore and you will only notice the difference once you upgrade both to a high wattage device and a clearomizer like the SubTank Mini.  I have been running this at around 18 watts the last 24 hours with regular vaping and the battery is at around 50% remaining.

Warning – I found the nicotine is MUCH stronger using this device and just a few puffs made me feel the effects instantly, the flavouring is also much stronger and I decided to dilute my 18mg / 5% flavouring e-liquid by half with VG which is much more enjoyable now.  I have yet to experiment further with my e-liquids!


Most retailers seem to be selling these at around £45 – £50.  Considering I paid £40 for my MVP2.0 over a year ago then I consider this good value!

Update June 2015

Well I am still using the MVP 3.0, now over 3 months ago since I purchased it and using it with the Innokin iSub tank which delivers an even better vape than the Subtank. The battery always last at least 24 hours with regular use. I have dropped it a few times and it is so solid I don’t think it will ever break. There is now the new Pro version with better features and can be found for a similar price though so would recommend getting that now.

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