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Ohms and Vaping – eCig Directory UK

Ohms and Vaping

So you might have been using a vaping device for a while now and you always see the OHM logo Ω on your coil heads but what does this mean and does it really matter?

In Layman terms “ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel”.

Lower ohms = higher voltage

Lower ohms found on sub ohm tanks (e.g. Kanger SubTank with 0.5ohm OCC)

Higher voltage usually found on MODs and larger batteries (e.g Innokin MVP3, Siegel 100W, IPV etc)

Advantages and disadvantages

  • More electricity flow
  • More heat at the coil
  • More vapor clouds
  • Dry hits more likely to occur
  • A warmer and stronger vape
  • Variations in flavour but usually stronger
  • Battery will drain quicker
  • Could cause battery to fail
  • Higher consumption of e-liquid
  • Higher capacity tank recommended
  • Great for cloud chasing

If you intend on going for the Higher Voltage and Lower Ohm then look for a good quality battery to ensure it doesnt fail.

Higher ohms = lower voltage

Higher ohms usually found on standard clearomisers (e.g iClear 16, CE4, MT3 where coils are around 1.8ohm to 2.1 ohm)

Lower Voltage usually found on standard eGo style batteries which run at around 3.5 – 4.5 wattage

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Less electricity flow
  • Less heat at the coil
  • Not as much vapor cloud
  • Provides cooler vapor
  • Variations in flavour
  • Battery will last longer
  • Dry hits are less likely to occur
  • Less chance of battery problems
  • Lower consumption of e-liquid
  • Better for stealth vaping

If you are happy with your eGo style battery then there is no need to worry too much about ohms and vaping.

Click here for a free ohm law calculator.