Kanger MT3 Clearomizer Review

The Kanger MT3 Clearomizer fires from a bottom coil, it features a replaceable coil head and you can fill approximately 3ml of e-Liquid inside.

Unfortunately you cannot remove the drip tip on these so not much room for customisation.

The vape is very tight and the flavour delivers well.

The replacement coils are cheap and you purchase around 5 of them for less that £5!  These will usually last a couple of weeks at the most and you will soon know when they have worn out because your e-Liquid will not taste very nice.  If you really want to save some money on coils then click here to view a video on how to clean and dry burn the MT3.

There is large choice of colours available and price range is around £3 – £5 each.

The MT3 clearomizer is ideal to go on a standard eGo battery with a 510 threaded fitting and suitable for anyone starting out vaping on a budget.

To fill it you need to tip the clearomizer upside down and unscrew the bottom which removes the coil and then fill with your e-Liquid the transparent line shows how much you filled the clearomizer.  Click here for a quick video tutorial on how to fill the MT3.

Other alterntives include the Innokin iClear 16 and CE4 style clearomizers if you are on a similar budget.

Here is a detailed video review from Andy Sutton on YouTube

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