Keep Healthy – Vaping Side Effects

Although vaping is a great alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, you may experience some side effects when you start vaping and give up smoking those nasty things.

This post is not medical advice and you should seek a professional if you are experiencing severe side effects.

Possible vaping side effects include:

  • Dry areas of skin including mouth and throat
  • Flushing sensation on face
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Itchy skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Blood pressure

Just starting out? Remember that if you have just started vaping whilst stopping smoking then you may experience some of the usually side effects from quitting, this can be due to the amount of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.  You may want to continue to have the odd traditional cigarette until you are confident with your vape.  If you are not feeling the effects of the nicotine compared to smoking then you may want to increase your nicotine strength in your eliquid.  Finding the sweet spot is important when you first start out vaping!

Some of the symptoms from quitting smoking could include anxiety, coughing and many more relating to the “cold turkey” effect.

Top tips to prevent vaping side effects:

  • Drink plenty of water on a regular basis
  • Use a skin moisturiser on dry areas
  • Clean your equipment to prevent the spread of germs
  • Find a nicotine strength suitable for you
  • Stick to regular times when vaping to prevent regular nicotine addiction
  • If you feel dizzy or sick after vaping then you may want to lower your nicotine strength
  • Consider taking a daily multi vitamin
  • Appreciate the flavour of your eliquid and do not compare to smoking
  • Do not give up on vaping!

PG Warning: If you are still experiencing any symptoms like a dry throat then try testing other eliquids with a different ratio of PG/VG or try out 100% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) eliquids as some people are very sensitive to PG (Propylene Gycol) which is usually quite high in most eliquid.

Always make sure the ingredients are listing on the eliquid you purchase and avoid any that have strange chemical names, always remember that eliquid should mostly contain 4 main ingredients as described in my previous blog post.

If you prefer the taste of smoking cigarettes then try some of the tobacco flavours available in eliquids.

We hope you find the information above useful and keep on vaping but keep healthy as well!