What is in E-liquid?

So what is in e-liquid?  It is a question that many people ask and it is really quite a simple formula!

Below are the 4 main ingredients found in e-liquid:

Propylene Gycol (also known as PG)

This is a thin clear liquid that enhances the flavourings and produces the throat hit.

It is also used in cosmetics, food and many other products.

It is generally considered safe and there is no evidence of it been carcinogenic.  It has been found some people may have a reaction to this ingredient such as a dry/sore throat.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

This is a thick clear liquid that produces the clouds of smoke and sweet taste.

It is used in various products such as cosmetics such as toothpaste and mosturisers.


The flavourings in e-liquid are very similar to food flavourings and you will notice the different colours of e-liquid and how similar they taste to the matched flavour.  Some of these flavourings are artificial and others are natural extracts.


Concentrated nicotine is a liquid that varies in strength depending on what percentage you purchase, maximum legal limit in the UK is 75mg you can purchase.  In its non-dliuted form it can be deadly when touched in small amounts or consumed without diluting.

Why does e-liquid vary in taste?

Different manufacturers and suppliers use various ratios, nicotine strengths and flavouring brands so every one of them will vary in quality and taste.

Where to buy e-liquid ingredients?

Many online shops and some high street shops stock the above ingredients in their DIY section.

Please take extra care when making your own e-liquid as it can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.