Steeping e-Liquid Methods and Tips

In this article with look at range of methods you can use to steep your own e-Liquid.

Warning: Before you go mixing your own e-Liquid make sure you read up on the risks involved with handling nicotine as it can be lethal if it comes into contact with your skin.  It is not suitable to mix e-Liquid with Pets or Children around! Make sure you have correct protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection!

Making your own e-Liquid can be fun, rewarding and save you some money.  Some people ask how easy it is to do, I usually tell them it can be dangerous handling the nicotine and it takes a long time to perfect and to get good results.

Steeping is probably the most important part to getting the perfect e-Liquid but flavourings and ratios of VG/PG will also make a big difference.

Steeping e-Liquid is the process used to ensure that liquid has matured enough to deliver the desired taste, this is usually when all the molecules of your PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), Flavourings and Nicotine combine together.  There are a number of ways to steep e-Liquid and we are going to explain a few methods in this article which you might find useful if you are keen on making your own e-Liquid.

Some flavours can take weeks to mature and others can be ready as soon as they are mixed, it is all about experimenting and finding out what results you get.  It will also depend on the flavouring manufacturer and ratios of VG/PG/Nicotine you are using.

A good steeped e-Liquid will taste amazing and the colour will be quite intense compared to when it was first mixed.

A Dark place and wait!

If you are patient enough then putting your newly mixed e-Liquid into a dark container or cupboard for a couple of weeks will generally give you the result of a good steeped e-liquid.  You can help speed up the process by shaking the bottle everyday, leave the top off the bottle every so often and keep it a slightly warm environment.

Shake and Stir

If you want to build some muscle in your arms then give the bottles a shake rigorously and on a daily basis.

Milk Throther

You can also use a “Milk Throther” after you have mixed your e-Liquid to agitate the molecules, this method has worked very effectively for me and really speeds up the steeping process.  They can be purchased from IKEA and some bargain shops for a few pounds.


Although I do not recommend this method as it can destroy the nicotine strength and may melt your bottles.  If you do decide to try this then do it in VERY short burst (no more than a second) and make sure the bottle has the cap off.  I would prefer to use the other methods mentioned except this one.

Warm things up a bit

Get a bowl of hot water and put your bottle in it, this is also useful to do on your PG and VG ingredients before you mix as it will make the liquid much thinner and easier to mix.  Warming the liquid and shaking will also help as well.

Rice Cooker

You can but a cheap rice cooker from eBay or Amazon, this will help keep your juice warm but you need to keep it on a low setting and ensure you do not melt the bottle.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

These are usually used to clean jewellery and CD’s but steeping your e-Liquid in an ultrasonic cleaner can really speed up the process.  Ideally look for an ultra sonic cleaner that can warm up as this help as well.

Good look with steeping and please do comment on any other methods you have used or if you have found this article useful.

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  1. Some really useful tips here, keep them in a dark place and shaking daily seems to be best method for me but as you say it just takes a bit of time. Shaking them daily will also help with the process and leaving the lid off the bottle to get oxygen inside.


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