Ijoy RDTA Box Review

In this IJOY  RDTA Box Review, we take a look at this new combined box mod and tank to see how well it performs against similar products like the Innokin Subox.

The biggest USP (Unique Selling Point) with this box is the RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) can hold a whopping 12.8ml of juice capacity.

The device itself is actually quite big, measuring 105mm x 55mm x 28mm. It looks very sleek, especially in the red colour.

The box contains all the usual product information, specifications, and scratch off authenticity code.

Inside the box you will find a standard micro USB cable which is used to upgrade the firmware of the mod. There is a pre-made triple coil system wicked and ready to use. There is also a bag of accessories including a screwdriver, cleaning brush, spare o rings and coils. There are some caps include to put on parts of the mod to prevent leakage when changing the deck.

The battery compartment slides down so you can insert 2 x 18650 batteries, the positive and negative signs are clearly visible the compartment firmly fits back on once the batteries have been inserted. Batteries are not included with the IJOY RDTA box so will need to be purchased separately.

The device output range is 5 to 200W in wattage mode and has a temperature mode between 200 to 600F. It supports stainless steel, Ni200 Nickle and Titanium Coils. The minimum resistance is 0.05 ohms.

Located on the top of the IJOY RDTA Box is a large silver screw piece which opens up the refilling hole, this is where you insert your 12.8ml of e-juice. There are indicators on the side of the tank compartment which shows the current level of juice inside and an LED light comes on when the fire button is pressed.

The atomizer is similar to the IJOY limitless classic, the IJOY decks can be interchanged so provides plenty of customisation for building your own decks.

The fire button on this is huge and also quite clicky and might be noisy for some. The device is switched on with 5 clicks. Pressing the button 3 times lets you access a menu with the different modes such as power mode, type of coil, flip-screen and curve settings. See the video for demonstrations of the different modes and settings.

The OLED screen contains the usual information such as battery level, wattage range, and ohm reading.

There are some user modes for the curve setting which allows you to customise how the mod will fire up.

The best features of the product are the capacity of tank, LED in the tank, battery casing is solid, the screen is very bright and the device is simple to use.

The IJOY RDTA Box provides excellent vapour production and flavour.

The retail price is around £52 for this so provides good value for money to your customers.

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  1. Not happy with mine. My son bought it for me last xmas 2016 as gift and reward for quitting cigarettes as an alternative. 2 days later, the LED display was not functioning. I have no idea what the specs are and battery level as well. Went back to the shop to show them their defective product, they told me to come back 2 days after, because there is nobody there to fix it. Or try updating it online, went home tried it and just got frustrated, because my IJOY RDTA wasn’t even recognize by the IJOY software. Came back to the shop 2 days after, they said they won’t change it, they will send it for repair. A week after, the shop rung me that my Ijoy is ready for collecting and they said the gave me a new replacement lower casing because the display wasn’t showing on the other one. Well quite happy with it because got it back and started using it. @#’#@~@~ 5 days later display isn’t functioning again!!! I personally think they didn’t gave me a new replacement, I think they just repaired it and gave it back to me!!! Plus this product isn’t reliable!!!


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