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Ecigjuiced Ltd was formed by an ex heavy cigarette smoker who became convinced of the benefits provided by electronic cigarettes but found the array of offerings and terminology being used to be almost bewildering. After much research and several false starts he found what he was looking for in an electronic cigarette but this process led him to believe that there was a need for simplified straightforward offerings that people could easily understand.

This is exactly what Ecigjuiced Ltd has set out to do and our aim is to offer top quality products in uncomplicated way whilst hopefully providing you with enough information to make informed decisions.

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  • Elizabeth Jeffs reviewed 5 years ago
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I’ve been a 30 a day smoker for over 30 years, tried numerous e cigs and liquids. Didn’t work.told the chap here what I needed but that I didn’t have a clue and that I didn’t want to waste yet more money on vape gadgets.
The chap told me what I needed, he understood how dependent I was, blimey, he got it!!!

I bought (totally his advice) an eleaf 50w..With the purity TriBeCa juice.only 12 mg and the 15 mg other juices I’d tried with different i cigs didn’t hit the spot in the last few years of trying to quit/vape.

It’s two weeks now and when I vape, with this combination..I really feel I am not missing my lovely/vile cigs!

I also combine this with 4mg nicorette fruit fusion gum sometimes, for the times I’m not allowed to vape! (I’m very very nicotine/fag dependant)
Can’t recommend the personal service enough. Thankyou

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There aren’t many supplier around Hartpury so it is great to have somewhere local!  Small shop but they stock a good selection of products such as eleaf and innokins and they are friendly serving.

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