What is the best electronic cigarette?

Finding the best electronic cigarette can depend on your budget and what features you need in an ecig device.

There are now over 2 million electronic cigarette consumers in the United Kingdom but when you decide to start vaping then where do you start?

Here are some tips below to get you started……

This is only brief guidance for more specialist advice then use Facebook groups and dedicated forums.

Budget Ecig Starter Kits

If you are just starting off with vaping then you can purchase an ecig starter kit from many suppliers and shops.  These usually consist of a clearomizer, battery and a USB charger.  They will typically have enough battery life to last a couple of days depending on use and they are a great way to see if vaping is effective for you.  We recommend looking for a reliable brand such as Innokin or Vision.  Price range will usually be around £20 for a starter kit.

Cheaper versions are available on eBay which are listed under “Shisha Pens” or “Ego Kit” but you do need to be cautious with cheap batteries that could potentially explode if left unattended or charged with the wrong power supply.  Always check the batteries are CE approved.  Some of these standalone batteries can be purchased for as little as £5 but you will need to purchase a clearomizer as well if it is not included.

Mid Range

Once you realise that you need a longer battery life and more control over the taste and power of your vaping device then you can look at purchasing a Variable Voltage/Wattage battery with a longer life.  Examples of these include the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 or the Vision Spinner which I have found to be reliable and provide a very pleasurable vaping experience.  The battery capacity for these devices can be between 1300mah and 2600mah and offer a good few days of regular vaping.

The World of Modding

When you want to step up the game then look into the world of modding.  These are high powered devices that can be customised and parts such as the wicks are rebuildable.  The advantages with these devices is huge puffs of smoke, taste and ultra cool looking and some of them even look similar to a light saber.