Samantha – Vaping since September 2013

Was you a smoker before you started vaping?


Tell us about your story of vaping?

I started vaping with a tordano tank and a pass-through battery. It took me a while to find an e-liquid I just couldn’t be without!

I now love my pink and silver Curve VV batteries with multicoloured Evod tanks and 1.8 coils- with Totaly Wicked Titan Double Mint 11mg e-liquid.

I started vaping with the intention of using both e-cig and analogue together. But now I can’t imagine smoking anything. Vape on!!! 😛

Have you encouraged others to quit smoking?

I encourage every smoker I know to try an e-cig!! It would be just plain wrong not to!! Several of my friends have switched to vaping- whats not to love about it?!

What would happen if the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) restricted what you buy in May 2016?

I would stockpile to ensure I have enough supply and would make my own e-Liquid.

How do you currently purchase your vaping equipment and e-Liquid?

High Street Shop

Which websites and networks do you use relating to vaping?

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