Phil – Vaping since February 2013

Tell us about your story of vaping?

I had no intention to quit smoking at all – ever! At 62, I couldn’t quite see the point in depriving myself of the habit I had enjoyed for 44 years.

My first curious dabble was with a cig-a-like … yuk, not impressed at all. Next came a starter kit, still a cig-a like but with refillable cartos; this was just enough to make the switch using 18 mg/ml juice. From there, I progressed to Ego batteries & clearomisers.

It took a month or so before I trusted the kit enough for out & about (work etc.). I always carried a pack of baccy JIC. One day, I realised that I preferred vaping to smoking. My sense of taste & smell had returned; cigarette smoke really does stink! It’s funny, but I imagined that I would need tobacco flavoured e-liquid, but quite quickly friuts & mints took over; I do not buy or make tobacco flavours anymore. Same thing happened for my wife!

After discovering the forums & Youtube + Chinese supply lines; the journey began in earnest. I have studied all the relevant Science & follow the politics daily. Mmm …. I have learned more about Tobacco Control than I ever did as a smoker (Godber Blueprint). The EU TPD is a crime against humanity; I don’t know how they sleep at night.

2 years into vaping, I’m on to rebuildables & DIY juice (6mg/ml), my current set up is a kanger Subtank Mini RBA on a Cloupor mini 30w + Eleaf Istick 30w. ( 2 x Lemo 2 (RBA) on pre-order … can’t wait!).

I’m an accidental quiter. Vaping has become my hobby; the house smells like a sweet shop & looks like a Chemists. I just don’t miss smoking at all.

As Dave Dorn from VTTV is fond of saying ” Vape on, vape hard, and don’t let the bastards grind you down!”.

What would happen if the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) restricted what you buy in May 2016?

I would stockpile to ensure I have enough supply, I would make my own e-Liquid, I would consider buying on the blackmarket, I would become a criminal.

Have you encouraged friends and family to quit smoking?

My wife decided to make the journey with me. Both of us switched and never looked back. Only problem with that is that I seem to supply her with kit & coils etc. AND have to maintain it all!

A few workmates are trying vaping and I help when I can, but for me It wasn’t about health at all. I still stand outside with the smokers; it doesn’t bother me at all. I have made my choice & prefer to vape: heaven forbid I should become an evangelist, or assist those evil TC ANTZ.

Which websites do you use relating to vaping?

Discussion Forums, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Review Websites, Youtube tutorials.

How do you purchase your vaping equipment and e-Liquid?

Online, Make My Own, B&Ms were too late to the party in my area.