Martin – Started vaping 2 years ago

Tell us about your story of vaping?

I have a vaper shop so I tried them I use a penny mod and a Atlantis Tank I like to use space jam juice and mystique.

What would happen if the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) restricted what you buy in May 2016?

I would stockpile to ensure I have enough supply, I would make my own e-Liquid, I would consider buying on the blackmarket.

Have you encouraged friends and family to quit smoking?

My daughter stopped smoking and started vaping 1 year ago and is now on 0mg nicotine she uses a eleaf istick and a aspire nautilus with space jam juice.

Which websites and networks do you use relating to vaping?

Discussion Forums, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Vape Shop Directories

How do you currently purchase your vaping equipment and e-Liquid?

My own shop!

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