Zen Cig Interview

The Owner – Paul

When did you start vaping?

I purchased my first e-cig in 2010. I smoked for about 4 years prior to that. The first ecigs were not that great and did not satisfy me the way smoking did. It was not until 2013 that better products were easily available such as variable voltage devices/ duel coiling. The quality of liquid also seemed to be better and I then managed to quit cigarettes.

What is your favourite e-Liquid?

My favourite e-liquid is probably either rhubarb and custard or black jack from Vampire Vapes.

Have you helped others quite smoking?

My influence has helped many other people quit including family members and friends.

The Company – Zen Cig

When did you start your business?

We started back in June 2014 after failed attempts of building a business on other franchises, we decided we could do the same products cheaper if we went direct and this also gave more control over the business. We started in store and developed the website from the shop.

What were the challenges you faced?

Our challenges were finding the best products at the best price to give our customers the best value for money.

Do you worry about the amount e-cigarette shops opening in Bristol?

We don’t worry about our competitors in the market as we all have the same aim of helping people quit smoking and enjoy vaping, we focus our energy on giving the customer a good experience and great vaping value!

Which e-Liquid do you stock?

We offer two ranges of e-liquid. Our Zen liquid is £2.99 per 10ml bottle and is from Hangsen, a popular e-liquid manufacturer. Our other range is Vampire Vape. We are a small business but as we get busier we hope our business will expand. We have a range of over 50 e-liquid flavours, all of the best quality and taste.

What do you offer different to your competitors?

We offer our customers the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. We go the extra mile to get the best prices from the manufacturer so that we can offer that to our customers. We also know how annoying it can be when companies add an extra charge when ordering online, so we have free delivery on everything, no matter how big or small the order is. We try to be as competitive with our prices as possible and even go the extra mile to price match if customers can find it cheaper elsewhere.

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