Vaping vs Smoking – Reasons to quit traditional cigarettes

Vaping vs Smoking – 10 good reasons why I decided to quit smoking and start vaping, why not pass on these reasons to the customers that visit your vape shop?

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The chemicals in those cigarettes!

There are over 500 additives in traditional cigarettes and this creates over 4000 chemical compounds when they start burning. e-Cigarettes usually only contain nicotine, flavouring, VG and PG.

With vaping you are not burning anything, surely this makes sense?

Take a look at the NHS choices 10 health benefits of stopping smoking as you are likely to reap the benefits of giving up smoking when you start vaping.

The cost factor!

Tobacco and cigarettes are not cheap these days and the tax is increasing every year, especially in the UK the duty and tax costs are huge compared some other European countries where you can buy them for less than half the price.

e-Liquids and vaping equipment are generally much cheaper than smoking and even though you may spend a lot at first with buying your vape then it is a worthy investment.

If you want to make vaping even cheaper then consider making your own e-Liquid.

Be warned though if you get into the latest MODs, tanks and gourmet e-Liquid then vaping could actually be more expensive than vaping if you become addicted to buying all the latest tech!

In 2017 the government yet again increased tax on cigarettes so even more reasons to give up smoking to stop those yearly tax rises and have more money in your pocket.

Short term health benefits!

In the short-term, you will notice instant result when switching from smoking.  The biggest benefits for me was no yellow fingers from all the tar that absorbs into your skin, no more coughing or out of breath, no more bad breath or smelly clothes.

Surely we all want to have better health and feel better in ourselves and giving up smoking can be one of the best achievements to a healthier lifestyle.

Long term health benefits!

When you give up smoking then this reduces your risk to many types of cancer including lung cancer.  Vaping compared to smoking will really reduce your risk from getting health problems in the future the same as giving up smoking.

Public Health England stated in August 2015 “E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review“.

Vaping inside!

Although some indoor spaces are restricted to vaping, friends and family will usually not have a problem when you vape at their house because there is no horrible smoke smell.  You can even vape at work or on a place if you are careful or stealth vape.

Vaping is not covered under the smoking in enclosed places law.

No more passive smoking

Remember when you are smoking next to someone else they are passive smoking as well, this is not a problem with vaping because there is no smoke for them to inhale, you could be saving someone else’s health or even your friend/family members life!

No more burns or fires!

Yes when you are drunk will never ever burn yourself smoking, your clothes or anyone else when you are vaping.  You also reduce your risks of causing a house fire to 0% with vaping (providing you charge your batteries properly).  You can even vape in bed and not worry about a house fire!

No more ashtrays

Yes there is no ash from an e-Cigarette so no more cleaning those ashtrays or having them laying around the house smelling.

Good for the environment

Imagine if everyone was vaping and not smoking there would be no need for your local council to clean up the cigarette butts.  Remember when you walk past a pub and see all those stubs and butts laid on the ground.  Vaping actually makes the world a healthier place.

Control your addiction

When you are vaping then you can control how much your nicotine intake is and this can be easily reduced over time to remove your cravings for nicotine.  e-Liquid comes in a range of strengths to fulfil your cravings.  The nicotine hit really does work if you get it right with vaping. Using a vape is also much more effective and cheaper than NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) for many people.

We hope you enjoyed this article on vaping vs smoking and please leave any comments below if you have been successful with giving up smoking by using a vape.


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