VapER Interview

The Owner – Ollie

When did you first discover vaping?

I purchased my first e-cig around 3 years ago, an Innokin MVP 2 upon a recommendation from a friend.

How long did you smoke for?

I had been smoking for 8 years and had tried countless times to kick the habit without success.My desire to quit had become stronger since the birth of my daughter and from the very first vape I knew that there was something very special about vaping. The way it replicates the key ingredients of the dirty habit without the negative effects, I knew I was onto a winner. I took to social media and found a welcoming community of like minded individuals, all with similar stories. I knew then that vaping was something I wanted to share.

The Company – VapER

How did it all start?

VapER+ started trading 6 months ago, myself and a childhood friend, Chris found ourselves in a position to move forward with our plan to share vaping with our hometown. Firstly we found a property and commenced a full renovation to give the clean and clinical feel we felt was lacking from neighbouring competitors.

What is your mission statement?

Our mission statement was clear from the start “By vapers, for vapers” we set to work building up a loyal customer base by offering the best customer service with skills we had both learnt from previous retail roles. Our growth has been challenging, importing e-liquids from America and Italy have also thrown up unique challenges we strive to overcome to supply our customers with the best possible products.

What are your plans for the future?

The imminent launch of our website is exciting, as well as plans for a second shop. Its a brilliant time for vaping, with innovative products and great flavours, the customer is spoilt for choice. The access to good, honest advice is more important than ever.

What makes you different?

Our focus is always on quality. If we have had a bad experience with a product, or heard of a shortfall through social media, then we won’t stock it. We go above and beyond manufacturers warranties to ensure the customer has complete faith in their purchase. At the end of the day, making the switch to vaping shouldn’t be hindered with substandard equipment. We are as competitive as possible on price for a relatively small company. We have overheads to cover but strive to at least beat manufacturers RRP’s. We source our branded products directly from the manufacturer, thus ensuring an authentic and consistent product, be it an Kangertech starter kit or a Vapourshark rDNA40.

Where do you source your e-liquids?

We source our e-liquids from the UK, Italy and America, Cherry picking the best for all tastes. Some 80 to choose from to date. We plan to add even more premium e-liquid from the USA soon as our current range has been so well received. We also stock a wide range of pre-aproved clone mechanical mods, tanks and drippers, offering those with a tighter budget the performance of their genuine counterparts. This is a painstaking progress to ensure the customer still receives a quality product. Above all we strive to deliver a friendly, approachable and honest shopping experience. “By vapers, for vapers”.

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