Virtual Tobacco Company


The ALTO brand of e-liquids is a natural, stimulatory herbal extract of Sceletium tortuosum (also known as Kanna) developed specifically for vaping to give the vaper an experiential effect similar to that of nicotine and a lot better. The principal distributor in the United Kingdom is Virtual Tobacco Company Limited.
The ALTO “K-juice” is manufactured by a leading phytoceutical company in GMP certified facilities that have been FDA registered and inspected. All added flavourings are sourced from Germany to EU food grade standards and are certified kosher, vegan, FEMA/GRAS.
ALTO products are high-end quality for the discerning and health conscious vaper and available in cartridges, tank atomizers and bottled liquids.
Sceletium tortuosum is freely available and is used in the health and wellness sectors particularly in the United States, Canada and Germany. It is non-toxic, not hallucinogenic nor addictive; thus the desire as a safer social experience and a nicotine alternative. The developers of ALTO were the first to formulate for vaping. The actives have a half-life approximately 4 hours which means that you only need to vape half as often as nicotine which can only be good news bearing in mind all the concerns associated with nicotine vapour. In particular, the proposed TPD regulations as defined, including advertising and promotion ought not to apply, providing excellent affiliate and distributor opportunities.