We hear of many success stories at VapeStep and you just don’t get that with other smoking cessation choices. In fact, from our point of view, when someone switches to a lower strength of nicotine we get a sense of achievement and pride for them. We would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it already to give it a go.

There has been a lot of mixed press about e-cigarettes and e-liquid and 2016 will see the start of regulation of the industry under the Tobacco Products Directive. We can proudly say that we are ready for regulation and our products are made and tested within UK laboratory conditions. To find out more about how regulations are changing, for useful tips on how to care for your equipment or even to read about the latest celebrity vaper, pop over to our blog pages at

With several physical locations in the south-east and expanding fast, we hope to not only deliver a great vaping experience direct to your door, but also provide you with local vape shops that offer tailored service, great advice within a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, so you can indulge in any number of our ever-growing range of e-liquids and try out some more adventurous mods.

VapeStep: The first step towards stopping smoking or the next step in your vaping journey.