SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes


The majority of electronic cigarettes brands use ingredients that are all made in China. SMOKO does things very differently. All of our nicotine, ingredients and flavours we use in our e-liquids are all made with the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are all MADE IN THE UK.

SMOKO electronic cigarettes, have no Tar, Tobacco, Second hand smoke, no lingering smell on your clothes or in your home and can be used in most locations you cant smoke in, like pubs, clubs and bars.


I have smoked for over 50 years and have tried to quit hundreds of times. My sister came visiting in October and she was using SMOKO and had been using it since May, I thought well if she can do it I will have a go!

I have tried quitting with either patches, hypnosis, sprays, and other e-cigs but have always gone back to smoking. It is still early days yet but I have not had a cigarette in 3 months using the SMOKO e-cig.
Margaret, England

I was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago and had to give up cigarettes. I had been smoking for nearly 40 years and it wasn’t going to be easy but I had to do it. With the help of a nurse I had the determination, the problem though was I could quit but I couldn’t stay off them. I then tried other e-cigarettes and finally found SMOKO. Stopping for good was one of the hardest things I ever did but I can now enjoy cigarettes without the bad effects to my health and barely have to use my inhaler at all.
Mary, Kent

I smoked for 40 years before SMOKO. I had terrible cattarrh and struggled to walk up hills with my dog, not to mention the usual yellowing paint on the walls, fabrics and car smelling of stale smoke and of course the lasting damage of passive smoking to anyone visiting.

9 months after trying SMOKO I have zero cattarrh, I can walk much further so my dog is losing weight and I have redecorated and the paint is still white! The biggest bonus though is being able to have visitors who are happy to come and stay longer.

To be completely honest I had no faith in the product when I made my first purchase, but was really surprised to find that it completely replaced cigarettes and cigars so seamlessly that I stopped smoking within a week of using SMOKO.

I would (and have) recommend SMOKO to everyone – I tried every method going to stop smoking and am so happy to have finally found something that actually works.
Kelvin, Somerset

I started using SMOKO about five years ago and for the first two years I used cigarettes and SMOKO to help me cut down. However three years ago after being diagnosed with a serious lung condition I gave away the cigarettes and have only used SMOKO since then.

I love SMOKO cigarettes as they do not make my clothes or my hair smell, and I can use them anywhere without other people even knowing. I find them just as satisfying as normal cigarettes and could never have given up cigarettes without SMOKO. Most importantly they are better for my health. Thank you SMOKO.
Muriel, Argyll

I decided to try and finally give up after smoking for 10 years … I allowed myself 2 cigarettes a day and promised myself to only vape the rest of the time. Within 2 days of using SMOKO I no longer wanted a cigarette and I haven’t even thought about smoking since. It has never been so easy to quit!
Charlie, Shrewsbury

After trying to quit smoking several times I had just about given up with giving up cigarettes, when I decided to give SMOKO a go. It has been 14 weeks since my last cigarette, which is a shock, even to me. I get through one refill a week and the flavours are amazing. I have just recently lowered my nicotine level to the lowest SMOKO provides and I am now aiming to be completely nicotine free by this time next year and it’s all thanks to SMOKO.
Kim, England

Excellent service, product arrived on time. Appreciate the trial packs as I’m new to this.

This order arrived on time, really well packaged and tasted good. I am new to SMOKO so I really appreciate the opportunity to try the sample flavours and see what I like.
Mansura, Royal Tunbridge Wells

I have been with SMOKO e-cigs for three years now and haven’t had a real cigarette since then. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to give up. I was a heavy smoker and had smoked for 40+ years, I had tried to give up so many times but found it too hard. Then I discovered SMOKO and it was amazing. It takes away the cravings and I would never go back to smoking a real cigarette now. It’s so much cheaper as well, I know it’s scary if you’re a long time smoker, the thought of giving up, but I feel so much healthier and have loads of breath when I go out walking.

The only thing I would suggest is if your going to do it then get rid of the real cigarettes, as when you have a choice we all know which one we would pick. That’s how I have succeeded, I dumped the fags and have never looked back. I don’t crave for cigarettes as I have all I need, the nicotine, something to hold in my hand, what else do us smokers crave? Thanks so much SMOKO, for all that and for the fantastic delivery service, I never have to wait more than a couple of days for my nicotine!
Patricia, Essex

My husband hates smoking! As soon as we were engaged I began to reduce the cigarettes I had each day, and once we got married I haven’t really smoked. Since I discovered SMOKO (and it actually works!) I was able to give up smoking for my New Year’s resolution. I have always loved that cigarette feeling, and I still get it with these e-cigarettes! I actually feel like I’ve had a cigarette, especially when it tastes like a one too!
Christina, Hampshire

Many of my friends turned to vaping instead of having a cigarette so after getting fed up of going outside in all weathers to smoke on my own I thought I would try SMOKO. I didn’t fancy the big bulky vaping machines that my friends had so I thought I would try these. The starter kit only arrived a week ago but already it is a revelation. I have smoked for 30 years and tried several times to quit but I always felt ‘naked’ without a cigarette. The SMOKO is ideal. I will certainly recommend Smoko to anybody who has been through my experience. I cannot believe the price of the starter kit and they also sent an extra 2 filters free of charge so I got 4 tips. I am looking forward to ordering some new flavours as soon as I am near the end of my supply.
David, West Yorkshire

I turned 60 in October so I have been smoking for 49 of those years, give or take a few months. I always swore I would give up but it never lasted, my health wasn’t good and no matter how I tried I couldn’t stop. And boy have I tried just about everything, from patches to electronic cigarettes and to be very honest this is the best one. I might add I had tried quite a few other e-cigs until I tried SMOKO, the size is that of a normal cigarette but it’s not heavy like some to hold and as an added bonus it’s made in the UK. The customer service is second to none, they are all very nice so well done SMOKO and thank you very much to all your friendly and courteous staff.
Aileen, Aberdeen

My name is David and I was a smoker for 6 years and I felt that smoko helped me a lot. Thanks, David.
David, County Kerry

After smoking around 20 cigarettes a day for longer than I care to remember I bought a SMOKO starter pack on impulse about 3 years ago, but I didn’t really use it that much. Then, about 18 months ago, I had a very bad bout of bronchitis and I decided to give SMOKO another try.

From that day to now I haven’t smoked one ‘real’ cigarette – it’s been SMOKO ever since and I can honestly say I feel so much better (and a bit richer) and I haven’t had one moment when I wanted to go back to tobacco.
I’ve also reduced the strength of the refills I buy down to medium – again without a struggle. And best of all, my family approves!
The customer service is excellent – I order online and it’s here the following day, and the one time when I made a mistake on an order I rang up and the person spoke to was very helpful.
I’d wholeheartedly recommend SMOKO to anyone wanting to make the move from cigarettes.
Lorraine, Northumberland

Having smoked for just over 30 years and trying several brands of e-cigs, to no avail, I was lucky to have found SMOKO. I haven’t smoked now for just over three years and have no desire whatsoever to smoke a real cigarette. That’s what I call a real result. My house smells cleaner, my car smells cleaner, my breath smells cleaner and my pocket is much much heavier. Thanks SMOKO, I don’t believe it would have happened without you.
Geraldine, Ireland

I rolled my own cigarettes for over 30 years and enjoyed it. Recently I found that I was smoking more and more despite trying to cut down. My children, both of whom are non-smokers thankfully, were constantly urging me not to smoke.
I received an email with an offer for a SMOKO starter kit if I just paid the P&P, so I did a little research and thought that I’d give it a go. The fact that all the liquids are made in the UK was reassuring.
I had run out of tobacco and I was just about to walk to the newsagent to buy some more when the postman arrived with my SMOKO starter kit.
I unpacked it and had a few puffs and didn’t bother to go to the newsagent. I haven’t bought or smoked any tobacco since. The following day I placed an order online for some E-Cig refills and a spare battery.
That was three weeks ago and I know that is a relatively short time but I haven’t had the urge to smoke since.
I think that I may have persuaded 20 a day smoker friend to try SMOKO too after they tried mine and were impressed.
Darryl, Gloucestershire

I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for over 10 years, I had quit in the past, a few months here and there but I always had the urge to reach for my lighter!
Then someone gave me a try of their SMOKO, I ordered a starter kit that evening and haven’t so much as looked at a cigarette since!
It feels like I’m smoking and gives me the same satisfaction but I don’t stink, I can run and play football without wheezing and it’s cheaper too!
What’s not to like?
Tony Essex

I have been using SMOKO for years now, I even got my wife onto them. I used to smoke more then 25 cigarettes a day but not any more with SMOKO.
James, Inverclyde

I finally decided to give up a few months ago as I wanted to save some money, not have my clothes smell and to get fitter. SMOKO has done all this for me. The electric cigarettes are great, just like the real thing. The company is fantastic, always willing to help, especially Jonny. I used to smoke about 20 a day but have not had 1 since using SMOKO. I never thought I would achieve this. I have tried others but they don’t have a patch on SMOKO.
Just want to say thanks to you all at SMOKO
Michelle, Devon

I just want to say what a great company this is. I’ve been smoking for a long time and using SMOKO has helped me cut down on the amount I smoke. I’ve almost quit but with the help of SMOKO’s support team, especially Drew, I will be able to completely quit. I’ve tried for years to quit smoking and found it too hard to stop completely. I’m not a heavy smoker but it’s become a routine. So now I switch out some of my cigarettes for my SMOKO and I feel I’m almost ready to completely quit. Drew has been a big help to me and I appreciate him taking the time to speak to me and solve my issues.
Stacey, Buckinghamshire

I started using SMOKO on October 16 2015 and I have gone from 16+ a day to 0. I haven’t touched a real cigarette since, the urge for a real one has long since passed. I find the website really easy to use and the delivery is excellent, now all I have to do is reduce my use of SMOKO!
Derek,Tyne & Wear

I started on these e-cigarettes over two years ago and haven’t touched a real one since. It all started when I was young and it was the cool thing to do, and since then I haven’t been able to kick the habit. I couldn’t stand the coughing, the smell and everyone reminding me about how bad it was for me and that’s why it was a relief when I switched to SMOKO.
I started on the Original 2.4, which was fine but I was given a Virginia Rolling 2.4 sample in my order and I didn’t look back. I have been offered other e-cigs, but the big pipes all look so manly and cumbersome that it put me right off. I had tried the supermarket flavours as well but they just don’t taste as nice.
SMOKO has honestly changed my life, I don’t constantly have to justify myself and i feel much better! When I tell other people about it I tell them to just go for it and give it a try.
Rosa, East Sussex

I had been a smoker for over 10 years smoking 20 a day. last June I decided to take the plunge and try and quit, I saw these and thought I would have a go. I started on the Original 2.4 and was quickly able to move down to the 1.6. I love them!
Even through all the stress of life I have been able to use these, and not once gone back to cigarettes, and even better haven’t felt the need either. Great!
Margret, Harlow

I have smoked for over 10 years having tried but never managing to give up. SMOKO is amazing and makes it so easy, i am now a non-smoker.
Emma, Kent

Since retiring 18 months ago, my cigarette intake had soared to 40 a day. I decided in mid September that I had to cut down or give up, because I was having chest pains due to phlegm building up and having several chest infections. I had heard about October being the month to stop smoking and so I decided I would stop on 30th September (I was not looking forward to it). I found SMOKO advertising and thought I would need something to help me through this. Once my family heard about me quitting they said they were moving out, as without a cigarette none of their lives would be worth living. So I ordered my supplies through SMOKO, they had a great deal on as well, so it was even cheaper to buy an e-cig. Since then I have never looked back, I cannot believe how easy it has been for me to stop smoking. With the help of SMOKO I wish I had stopped sooner. SMOKO has improved my health so no more breathlessness and tight chest through chest infections, which was brought on by cigarette smoking. I LOVE SMOKO and the variety of flavours and strengths. I have been a non-smoker since 1/10/15 and feel great. Even my family can’t believe that I have stopped smoking. Thanks to SMOKO, or I would never have achieved it.
Janis, UK

I had been smoking 10 a day for over 10 years. I gave up smoking when I found out that I was going to be a grandmother!
That was the 30th March this year, the little one is due next week and i have not had a single puff on a real cig. Thank you Smoko, just brilliant, never thought I’d be writing this!
Jane, Kent

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