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Punkjuice offers you nasty slow blow with lemonade flavor, you will turn your nose up at any other lemonade vape juice you come across. Nasty Juice Slow Blow is a delicious taste of pineapple and lime soda. It is an e-liquid that has a juicy pineapple center and a sweet aftertaste of lemon soda. This vape is perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day. Punkjuice makes things easy on your online purchase with our secure payment system and fast express international express shipping!

One great thing about E Shisha liquid is that it is available in many different flavours. With so many brands, with so many styles, gourmet, organic and with so many flavors, menthol, fruit, coffee, tobacco, choosing the best brands of E Shisha Liquid is not easy. We have tried to create a list that simplifies things for you, we divide them into categories based on characteristics such as flavor and style. we have salty, sweet, nicotine-free, cinnamon and more vapour juices that we look at. so lets take a peak.You will be able to have a much better experience by trying out these different flavours. If you like the tobacco taste, then you will get the same flavour in E Shisha-liquid.

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