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The Worlds First Anti-Bacterial and Spit Back Preventing Drip Tip.

Designed and manufactured in England, Impervious Drip Tips offer a truly unique vaping experience.

Our drip tips offer spit back prevention and anti-bacterial properties meaning you can enjoy every single vape taken.

We have developed a genuinely innovative product and can offer much more than any other tip on the market, our manufacturing methods are complex but we believe in our mission and want to offer Impervious Drip Tips to you at a price point which fits a standard tip.

Vape Safe; The Impervious Team


This drip tip does exactly what it says it does, and not just with tanks giving off a tiny bit of spit back but with very large amounts as well.

I picked up an Evic AIO the other day because I was so impressed with the innovations, unfortunately this thing was firing huge blobs of hot liquid into my mouth; It was the worst case of spit back I’d ever had, after putting the Impervious Tip on it, the vape was totally smoothed out.

On top of everything I love the feel and look of the material and the fact that it repels skin build up.
Its incredible just how much can be done inside a 510 drip tip.

I can’t wait to see what Impervious comes out with next, but whatever it is ill get one straight away.

Patrick McMahon
Assistant Manager at Flavour Vapour

A much needed accessory for electronic cigarettes, stopping all spitting.

Very innovative & produces a good flavour.

Comfortable to vape on.

A great design with its anti bacterial unique selling point.

Review from Vapourdays

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