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Artificial flavors, synthetic smells and chemical additives are just part and parcel of vaping – but that’s where Black Note is different. At Black Note, they believe people chose authenticity over imitation. Which is why their tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves, and not artificially created in a lab.

Just like the great composers, they know that their reputation is only as good as their last release. Subsequently, they work hard to make sure every bottle of Black Note e-liquid provides customers with the ultimate vaping experience. Each one of their liquids goes through a 6-8 week cold maceration process where no chemicals or artificial flavors are added. They even provide their lab results on their website.

The result of all their time, research, and expertise, is one of the most authentic tobacco e-cig tastes you’ll ever come across. So confident are they that you’ll love their signature taste, that its worth trying at least once.

So if you’d like to discover the authentic taste of Black Note for yourself, then visit their website. Likewise, if you’re interested in hearing more about how Black Note’s quality e-liquid can change your vaping experience, send them an email – they’d love to hear from you.



“I was new to vaping and not sure what flavor or brand to try. Luckily I found Black Note and ordered the Notebook. It arrived really quickly in beautiful packaging. I can’t say enough about all of the flavors. I was hoping to narrow the choices down to a favorite couple of flavors, but ended up loving all of the E-Liquids. Do yourself a favor and pick up this ultra-premium sample pack immediately!”
-Scott (on Notebook)


“Trying out the assortment of the highest quality tobacco e liquid ever, I gave this a shot. Not a menthol fan, but it’s actually very tasty, and I mixed it just a few drops with legato, and wow, spiciness that isn’t menthol 100%, but even not mixed, it’s made a fan out of me. Black Note, you have the tobacco flavors market cornered.”
-Mark (on Solo)


“Excellent customer service, fast delivery, and very open arms folks. The juice is intended and created for the likeness of real tobacco taste with a piece of mind. Though not cheap, but authentic. The authenticity is pure as well as the price is worth it. Every vape I take, I notice purity and not the fluff other vendors sell.”
-Icey (on Bravura)


“I am running out of words to use. Another great vape. Probably a little more complex than some of the others. Still very smooth with a good flavor. Now if I could only decide on a favorite…”
-Victor (on Cadenza)


“I actually prefer the robust full flavor of Legato over smoking. If you are a long term smoker I would definitely recommend this flavor. You will soon discover that the tobacco flavor is more intense and satisfying compared to an analog. I now have no desire to return to smoking. Good Job ! ”


“I stopped smoking American spirits and this e juice is the best for people who like the natural taste of tobacco without any nasty chemicals and artificial flavors I have loved every flavor so far. Sonata is wonderful. ”


“Quitting cigarettes after 40 years. Tried a tobacco flavor from local smoke shop. It did the trick, but was a little harsh on my throat. So I ordered the sonata which tastes and feels more like cigarette. Shipping was quick and free. My goal is to eliminate nicotine. There are several options all the way to zero. Meanwhile I have found what I feel is a superior product with a great taste and smooth. Thanks Guys. ”


“I have tried only a couple blends, and have enjoyed them all. Forte is my favorite. Taste compares to that after meal cigarette I had enjoyed so much. With Black Note, I have no desire or intention of returning to cigarettes! ”


“i have smoked regular cigarettes for 35 years. Thought I would give e- cigs a try. I was getting ready to give up finding a e juice that taste like a cigarette. I just received a bottle of prelude today. You guys have a new customer. This is best stuff I have ever tried!!! ”


“Probably the most subtle NET flavor I’ve tried and I love it. Slightly sweet with good throat hit even at 6 mg nicotine. I haven’t touched a real cig in over 5 months primarily because I found this e liquid. ”

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