SMOK XPro BT50 Review

SMOK XPro BT50 Review by Vaper UK

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The SMOK X-Pro BT50 was my first jump into the regulated box mods from mechanical mods, and it has been a good one.

Initial thoughts upon seeing this little box mod, well it was cute, good little size, and it had a gimmick, which was you can pair it with your smartphone to check on number of puffs, puff duration, battery level, and so on.  Yes it is a gimmick and one that I probably used for about a week!

Now, the reason I no longer use the app on the smartphone for this, is purely because it was a pain and sometimes it lost it’s pairing and unless you are constantly looking at your smartphone app whilst vaping away then you will not notice that it has either lost connection or the app has crashed. YAWN! I would rather just keep on using it as a normal box mod thank you!

Having had the SMOK X-Pro for nearly a year, I am still very happy with it and use it on my daily rotation.

Good points:

It’s size, the X-Pro fits very nicely into my hand, with curved edges it is also quite comfortable to hold, for a metal box.

Easy to use, just set the Wattage and press fire

Battery can be charged without taking the back cover off to charge externally

It works, I have had no problems with the X-Pro in all this time, it fires every time

I have had this firing as low as 0.2 ohms

Fires from 6 to 50 watts

Hmmm, Bad points:

Pain in the ass to keep taking the back cover off if you want to charge your battery externally, uses an allen key

Button rattle, this to a point does not really bother me that much, but I know for some, it can and does

Bottom charger point, great, so I have to lay this down flat to charge it

Bluetooth eats the battery

So there you have it, a very basic review, it does what you need it to do and it does it well.  It fires atomisers and thus creates vapour, which keeps you off the stinkies.

In my opinion, it is a nice little box mod to start you off with regulated box mods, yes there are many many more to choose from out there, many of which are probably cheaper, but I am very happy with the SMOK X-Pro BT50.

Just remember, if you are going to use this box mod, make sure you purchase high drain batteries that can safely deliver the power required.  Efest 18650, Sony VTC4/5 18650, Samsung 18650, DO YOUR RESEARCH and VAPE SAFE.

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