Dan – Vaping since March 2013

Tell us about your story of vaping?

I had been smoking again for four months after having quit for a year. The first time I had quit was for six months, the second time for three years. Something always started me off again, and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to quit another time. I was in the local chemist’s and saw some ecigs on the counter and thought I may as well see what the fuss was about, but had no belief whatsoever that I could use them to stop. The cigarette I smoked before going out that day was the last time I smoked.

I now mainly use a Provari and Kayfun, but also have several mods, a Diver and Scuba Tank, and an Atomic dripper.

I make my own eliquid, so that I can tailor the strength, composition and taste to what I enjoy. It’s also a lot cheaper and more satisfying!

What would happen if the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) restricted what you buy in May 2016?

It wouldn’t change anything for me. I would continue making my own eliquid. However the spectre of the TPD was one of the things which caused me to stockpile several litres of nicotine concentrate in my freezer. I will not allow the EU to damage my health by forcing me back to smoking.